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Colors and Mediumship

Mediumship and color, this is a BIG topic with various interpretations, but which ones are correct? Let me first start by telling you a bit about myself before I give you my opinion about color and how it ties into Mediumship.

I am a Color Expert. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that I have a degree in Interior Decorating and Design, specializing in just color. I have over 30 years of experience in the field and know color really well. I proudly say that I have many clients all over the country and internationally who hire me to design color for their homes and businesses.

Now, on the other hand, I’m also a Psychic Medium. What does that mean? That means that color plays a vital role in identifying angels, spirit, chakras, symbols, messages, and aura interpretation in a much bigger nutshell.

Notice I said “interpetation” in the paragraph above? Well, that is is EXACTLY. Much if not all color and how it relates to Mediumship is just that, interpretations. Other than the colors that the Chakras represent, everything else is floaty and expressed by the person talking about color.

Mediumship and how colors relate to it are very much like dream interpretation. Let’s say you have a dream about a red car and you tell ten people about it. Each of those ten people will have an opinion or knowledge about what your dream means. That red car can mean:

• travel

• you like red

• you drive fast

• a warning

• a Root Chakra message

• passion for driving

The same example relates to how color relates to Mediumship. I’ve seen several classes offered by seasoned Mediums about color. This was always a red flag for me because here we have one person, the teacher, who teaches the entire class HIS/HER experience about color instead of the students learning it independently. We learn about color by what I call the Pattern Method.

In my experience, every time I think about Archangel Michael, I see Indigo Blue time and time again. So for me, this Angel is presented by that color.

Whenever I do Chakra Readings, and there is an issue with someone’s stomach area, I see yellow. This color spills out into their aura, and I see it, time and time again. My gut instincts are validated by speaking with the client and confirming that, yes, they had issues with their stomach. Here patterns are essential because this is confirmed not just by one client but by dozens. Can yellow represent joy? Yes. Can yellow represent the Solar Plexus? Yes. Can yellow represent someone’s favorite color? Yes. Can yellow represent caution and in a traffic light? Yes. If yellow can represent so much, how does one person know what is the right meaning of the color yellow?

I will say this, I’d LOVE to teach a class on color, and I may, but the trick is to offer all the possibilities of each color and let the student FEEL which is the right answer is correct for them, and that includes a lot of colors! I can already see the student’s heads spinning at the end of those classes. I’m sure that many teachers do keep their explanations broad the same way I described yellow, but I know some teachers have a color guide that they stand by. This color guide is similar to the people who do aura readings with a special camera. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at spiritual fairs. People are lined up to get a picture of their aura taken, get charged $25, and read what their colors mean. I stood on the sidelines long enough to hear the “photographer” say, “Oh you have green in your aura. You’re thinking about money.” Who doesn’t think about money? How about green for the Heart Chakra, or envy, green, love, or even just because greens is their favorite color? The sad thing that I can see auras, and what I saw and what the photographer took a picture of was two different things. Frustrating for sure, but I guess as long as the person who bought the photo is happy and doesn’t know any better, it’s all good. Hopefully, someday their colorful light bulb will come on.


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