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Can Spirit People Have A Sense Of Humor?

Yes they sure can and I love it! I remember a reading I did recently when a spirit person noted her annoyance.

I had this vision of an old room, lots of books on the shelves, red walls, and a lamp. Spirit had me focus on the lamp. I asked, "What's with the lamp?" Spirit then showed me a little hand, a child's hand, that used to plink on the lampshade. This lamp was old, old and the shade was glass. Mind you, when someone "plinks" glass, it's makes a sound and apparently an annoying one at that.

(photo credit unknown)

I asked for more information, and the spirit person said for me to tell the sitter that when they were alive, that plinking sound was VERY annoying to them! "I used to hate when they plinked my glass lamp shade. I know they were kids, but you know, it was annoying!"

At this point in the reading, I had to giggle a bit to know that a spirit person still has a little attitude, even on the other side. You can't make these stories up!


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