• donnafrasca

Can Angels Give You Messages While Watching Netflix?

Yes! I discovered something pretty amazing about dreaming yesterday morning!

I'm a lucid dreamer, where my dreams are SO real that it's hard to determine if it's a dream or reality. In some dreams I have, I know that it comes to the point in the dream where I need to use a phone and just can't see the numbers! This is my safety feature in my dreams. If I'm having a nightmare, I reach for the phone and try to dial out, even dialing 911 doesn't work lol. At that point in the dream I can relax knowing it's just a lucid dream, and magically wake up.

This morning as I was making some hot water and lemon, I put Netflix on and started watching whatever was next in line. It was some horror movie, fine, it's 8:00 in the morning, how scary can it be?

There was a part in the movie where she has a bad dream and realizes that she can't read a note that she tapped to the ceiling. At that point, she knew she was dreaming. The next sentence that came out of her mouth was a validation on how to determine if you are dreaming ... or not. This is a REALLY big deal for people who are very strong lucid dreamers. This is what she said:

“I can't read! I'm dreaming! Wernicke's area is a region in the brain responsible for interpreting language and it's dormant during sleep.”

I looked up Wernicke's area and it's a thing! It's an actual part of our brain! This is a HUGE game changer for me and puts a period at the end of the sentence that I've been writing for decades.

Thank you Netflix and thank you to the “Universe” who just happened to make me watch a horror movie at 8 am. See how things work? I love it!