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Can A Medium Connect With Someone Who Just Died or Does it Take a Few Months?

When I was a kid and my dad was out on business trips, my mom and I would sleep together. We used to say “back to back,” and we'd have our backs up against each other and fall asleep.

Yesterday morning I was lying in bed, and my cat was lying behind me. He's a big cat, long and lanky, so when he was behind me, his reach went from the back of my neck to my tailbone. This sparked the memory of when me and mom used to sleep back to back, and I smiled because it felt just the same. It was comforting.

Clear out of the blue, I also heard the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” which she often sang the past few years - this too made me smile.

Not even 30 minutes later, the phone rings. I get out of bed to answer it. My dad said my mom had just passed.

The question often asked is, “Can a medium connect with someone who just died?

Yes, yes, and yes. I guess it depends on many factors, but I know for me, my mom had passed just minutes before she visited me, and I was so happy about that! The feeling of love and comfort will never be forgotten, and it's that feeling that I'll cherish most when I miss her.

Hours later, the signs continued to come. I was watching TV, and the title of one of the movies I watched was the name of the street where she lived. Another sign that she was with me. I smiled again, knowing that she was 100% in my presence.

I love how I felt, heard, and saw so many signs MINUTES after her passing. Her spirit went right to me, I guess, as a final goodbye from mother to daughter before she fully transitioned. I shouldn't say final because as a medium, I know that I will see and sense my mom again. I feel her now as if she never left.


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Mar 11, 2022

Great experience, Donna! I agree from my own and my husband's limited experience with "visits" that this is often the case. He has always dreamed of loved ones the night they passed, since his own childhood. I do think we access them inter dimensionally in different "locations"? Depending on the time that's lapsed because of what they are up to. What's really cool, is that I am convinced that even if they reincarnate, we can still connect with their souls because time doesn't exist on the other side. Do you believe you can connect with the souls of people who have reincarnated?

Mar 11, 2022
Replying to

At this point Joanne, I truly believe anything is possible ❤️

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