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Automatic Writing; Words From Spirit

There are many ways spirit can connect with you. Using your senses, of course, will be the first way:

Clairvoyance - clear seeing

Clairsentience – clear feeling

Clairaudience – clear hearing

Claircognizance – clear knowing

Clairalience – clear smelling

There are other abilities we as mediums can connect with the spirit world, and I will eventually talk about them as well. Today I’d like to share a few lines of automatic writing that came through one day when I least expected it.

Here it is:

Don’t live in the past; we have a new future.

Your calm will feel different, your heart matter will change.

Your tomorrow is rising, and it will be strange.

Some will shift, some will fall, some will level.

Your bodies change, your minds are altered.

You’ll progress like a thread through a needle.

Your days will come; your joy will be received.

I am YOU.

YOU are WE.

Together we will dance again.

What was important is now not.

It’s time to let go of ego and bare your soul.


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