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And Just Like That, I Spoke Light Language

Years ago, when I heard someone speak Light Language, I laughed! How ridiculous, and what does it even mean?

I’ll tell you when it’s your time to come forward and shine; it happens like a contraction that can’t be stopped — it builds and builds, and then it happens!

I went to do some errands this morning, nothing exciting, just making lemon chicken in capers and butter with mashed potatoes; ok, maybe it is pretty exciting.

Anyway, I’m coming out of the store and feel the urge to look up to the sky. The sun was shining bright, the clouds were white and puffy, and just for five seconds, I soaked it up, then in the car I went to go home.

It was just a mile from the store to home, and in those five minutes, something unique happened.

I saw words appear before my eyes, in my third eye, like a movie with subtitles.

“What the heck is that word? Is spirit forgetting how to spell?”

As I was amusing myself, I felt the need to speak those words, and speak them I did. The words flowed like music for the remainder of the ride home.

I didn’t recognize any of these words, but I did remember the feeling. They felt loving, warm with reassurance that I am where I need to be … and it took a while to get here, I might add!

The words have a flow, a gentle sound, and moments of pause and whispers. It was truly amazing, and I wish I could record it somehow, but I was not able to.

Deep down, I know that our recent Lion’s Gate portal was profound for many. The ascension is not complete by any means but certainly on the higher path.


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