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An Angel Gets Her Wings

Today I was out to lunch with my husband, and I noticed something on the back of one of the waitresses. She had a cream-colored sweater on, and right smack in the middle of her back was a small brownish marking. As she walked by, I got a closer look at it and saw that it was a little brown feather!

I told my husband that she had a feather on her back, he said, “Are you sure?”

I said, “Yes!”

As she walked by the second time, I called her over to our table and said, “Excuse me, I think you have a feather on your back.”

She turned around so I could pick it off her sweater and held the little feather between my two fingers.

“Yup! It’s a feather, alright!”

She put her hands to her mouth, and she said, “Oh my God! How did they get there?

I asked her if there was any way that she could have been in contact with feathers anywhere, and she replied, “absolutely none at all.” I proceeded to give her the little feather, placed it into her hand, and told her that she grew her wings today.

My husband smiled at me and said, “Only you Donna, would see a feather on somebody’s back.“


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