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A Week Of Being With Self Brings A Lifetime of Validation

What a lovely week it was! Hubs was out selling our condo in Florida, so that was a bittersweet experience. Now the search starts for our dream home in the mountains!

It was a great week of self-learning as well. I've been looking back at all my mediumship experiences and observing how others do theirs. It's interesting to know that there was never any special hocus pocus that you have to do in order to be a good or accurate medium; you just have to be. No cards or crystals are needed, and no pre-game warmups with guides or angels - just self - and open that heart chakra - that's it.

Trust in yourself, and respect your energy, and everything flows naturally and effortlessly. After a week of diving deep into self, I've cut cords that needed to be cut, sorted my mind's thoughts of where I should be, and I now feel 100% firmly planted in my journey. Now, once I get to those mountains, that's a whole new ball game, and I can't wait!


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