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A Mystical Surrender of the 11’s

You’ll see a ton of posts today about the 11’s. The 11th month, the 11th day, and even the time of 11:11. What does this mean to YOU?

The important thing here IS the “YOU.” So, when you read the millions of articles on the magic of the number 11, put it aside for a moment and breathe.

Instead of mind-melting into what everyone else says about today’s numbers, tap into yourself and feel what it means.

Today at 11:11, I will pause, breathe, close my eyes, and see what I feel at that time. I can’t write about something that hasn’t happened yet; I can because I’m a tad psychic, but that’s not the point of today's post.

What do I feel today? Well, for one, I'm writing this post to express that. Second, I want to pull cards and see what they say. Before you shake your head at me pulling cards, I’ve already set my intention to surrender, the mystical surrender of trusting oneself and knowing that even before I shuffle, I‘ll connect with MY Higher Self.

Here is a video that explains this card pull.

Below is my cards, my reading. At 11:11 today, connect with yourself and journey what you feel. Happy New Moon.


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