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5D, Ascension, Is Now

I was going through a box in the closet, and I found a boatload of photos from when I was a kid and when my kids were kids. Wow, what a flood of memories. They are beautiful pictures and, yes, good memories, but is it really good to revisit the past when some of those people aren’t here anymore? Or are they here but choose not to be in your life?

Life is weird, and in my 61st year, if there is anything I’ve learned, it is to hold close the people, not just family, pets, and friends as well; make them an important part of your life because everything is just so temporary.

Learn to live in the present and revisit the past that only brings you joy; however, eventually, you need to revisit the past that has Shadows because those shadows come out and actually help you grow to be the person that you are today.

As I write these words, it kind of feels like something an older person would write as they reflect on their life, and that’s kind of true. However, it’s deeper than that. This is part of the #NewEarthMagic that I’ve been talking about on my MeWe platform (I'll be posting all that here too). I’m sure you’ve heard or read people talking about 5D, the ascension process, and all that woo-woo, and just to let you know that it is not an actual place, but it is a change of thinking and consciousness that opens the mind and heart.

Now is the time to be there, the Lion's Gate is August 8th and this will only enhance that experience for you.

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02 Αυγ 2023
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Thanks, Donna!

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