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  • Donna Frasca

Fall Equinox of 2020; The Power Is Now

Last night I had a dream that I met with my friend Cindy Grano. We are both Reiki Master Teachers and are on similar spiritual paths. In the dream, I saw us extending our arms out with hands facing each other but not touching. Well, today we went in the woods at our local park, and we did this.

Cindy is a very sensitive empath and I have a very strong clairvoyant eye. I closed my eyes, we extended our arms out and our hands were palm to palm.

My heart chakra went nuts, breathing labored and we both had full body chills. It was pretty darn powerful.

Today is #FallEquinoxOf2020 and by seeing this image, I know amazing things are in our grasp - all of us! This is what I saw.

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