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  • Donna Frasca

When You Ask About Your Future, You Will Hear an Answer

In the past few weeks, I’ve been taken some time off. Time off to heal, think, grow, see, live, love, and just be. However, I know me and my history.

When things are quiet in the spirit world, this, for me, is a warning or note that it’s the “null before the storm” but it’s a good storm. It’s like my angels gave me a much-needed rest to prepare me for my future. Having said that, this is what happened yesterday.

Last night I had a weird experience. Before I went to bed, I asked, “What is my future?” I got my answer instantly (see below.)

During the night, I also had a “dream” where it felt I met someone, a really important man. Whenever something odd like this happens, I ALWAYS ask for more information, and I heard, “you were strongly between two worlds.”

This is what I heard about my future. Now I just have to figure out what it means:

I will be able to taste the gold on a Chalice. I will be able to see the glistening on an angel wing. I will be able to taste the joy on a summer day. I will be able to read books of the past, present, and books that were not written yet. I will be able to heal the wounds that were created by the unwant. I will know how. Time will assist; it has been all along.

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