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  • Donna Frasca

It's More Than Energy, It's Time Portals

It seems like every day we wake up, there's a new fire to put out. The world is changing THAT fast, and it's draining and challenging to keep up with it. The past few weeks, even months, have been brutal. So much to process, so much is thrown at us all at once. How is one to deal with it all?

Like I said a thousand times before, going outside and connecting with nature is extremely helpful, but that too can be tricky.

This morning, even before I made my coffee, I felt the pull to go out in the yard and look around. I did not want to do this because we recently had a lot of rain, and the bugs and humidity were awful outside. With my phone in hand, I felt like I wanted to take a burst of photos in the yard like the energy was daring me to capture it, and capture it I did.

This photo has no filter, no effect. Yes, my phone was moving a bit but not in a circular motion. What is very interesting about this photo besides the apparent portal is that I saw three portals a summer or two ago, with my naked eye, in my yard. The back part of this portal is where one of them was located—spooky coincidence.

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