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  • Donna Frasca

What Happens When Your Crown Chakra Is Out Of Balance?

This angel showed up in a reading yesterday. I mentioned before that Zadkiel is associated with the Crown Chakra. My question to you is, "can too much Crown Chakra be bad?"

The answer is - everything in moderation and that includes working with the Crown Chakra. How can you tell if your Crown is out of balance (besides it falling off your head lol) - sorry, I couldn't resist. Here are some indications: • you become too "fluffy" in the head when it comes to your spirituality. Like you're walking on a magic carpet. That is ok for a short while because it feels amazing.

• you may have issues with your head such as migraines, insomnia, disorderly thoughts, and overall "head stuff."

• you may have lower vibrational thoughts that just play over and over in your mind.

So you see - it's a lot of "head stuff." It's great to read, think and live about everything spiritual but it's imperative to keep everything in balance. If you feel you're Crown Chakra may be out of balance, ask Zadkiel to help you balance it all out. You can also visualize a purple circle and in your mind, make it smaller and brighter. It's all about setting your intentions.

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