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  • Donna Frasca

The Racoon: A Totem Animal With A Message

Last night I had a dream of a raccoon that ate an anaconda. I take my dreams very seriously - especially when I wake up, and it's still clear as day in my mind. What does the raccoon symbolize?

The Raccoon's Mask

"The most recognizable physical trait of the raccoon is its mask. The spirit animal's classification as a shapeshifter originates with this symbol of transformation.

It is important to remember no one is exactly as he or she seems. This power animal's mask is symbolic of humans' ability to adapt or shapeshift in different situations. Masks have been used for centuries by every society to achieve altered states. The art of mask making has been had existed the world around and has been used for celebration, ceremonies, and magic rituals. Once behind a mask, a person can become someone or something else. The mask helps us change who and what we are to who and what we want to be.

Having the raccoon as your totem helps reveal all the facades of your personality. The raccoon spirit animal presence in your life may help you transform into something or someone new."

I'm going back to being a vegan and getting my body (and mind) back in shape. I'm calling in my badass until my thoughts are where they need to be.

What does this all mean? It's actually good, really good. I'm done with so much stress both inside and outside my dwelling. I see many people going in the wrong direction, both mentally and physically, and that's not where I need to be or want to be. Life is very hard these days, and either you consume it, or it consumes you. I have a very specific role to "be" in my journey, and that is my focus.

It's amazing how just taking one day off to yourself makes such a big difference in clarity.

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