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  • Donna Frasca

I Just Got Yelled At By A Spirit!

Did you ever get yelled at by a spirit person? If they were feisty in life, they will be feisty in the afterlife. Listen to this.

I’m at my MIL house and a keep hearing the name George over and over. I knew there was no George who passed in the family otherwise I’d hear about it.

In my mind I asked “Who’s George?” and heard GEORGIA! Not George!”

“Omg! Don’t yell at me!” as I chuckled!

I knew my MIL had a very close friend named Georgia. I leaned over and said to my MIL “Georgia is here and she’s talking to me.”

She says “Remember the time we drank champagne?” Then I see Georgia point to a small silver boxy thing.

I asked my MIL if Georgia ever gave her a small silver “box” and she said yes.

My MIL walked into the other room and came back with this beautiful and very small (the size of my hand) purse and said “Georgia gave this to me.”

I then heard Georgia say, “Ask her to wear that purse tomorrow, I gave it to her.”

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