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  • Donna Frasca

How To Get The Guide You Need

I wanted to talk about Guides today. Yes, it's a big topic. We are born with Guides. There are Guides that will be with us from the day we were born to the day we die, they are our Base Guides or Grounding Guides.

We also have the choice to add, remove, and choose our Guides. For example, if we want to learn how to cook, we can create a Cooking Guide who can assist you with your recipes and culinary creations - I know that sounds off but it's true! If you want to get back in shape, create a Health Guide, or like I did, I have Nurse Ratchet and no, I didn't give her that name she told it to me and she is VERY feisty.

Taking this one step further, we can ask our Guides to give us messages and insights the way we want to receive them. I'm clairvoyant so I ask to receive my messages clairvoyantly. You get the picture.

Today I was thinking about creating a new Guide. I haven't come up with the exact title of this Guide yet but I'd like her/him to be a soul supporter - ok - a Soul Guide it is! Perfect.

What does this mean? Since I just created this Guide as I typed it, I'm not 100% sure just yet but I don't know about you but I need some soul assistance. Guides to help me make the right choices for my journey AND to know how to adjust my direction when I don't make the right choices.

Life is crazy now and all of us are going through some massive changes. We can't do this alone, but we can do it together with the help of our Guides, lots of them.

No matter what your struggle is, and I'm going through some rough stuff with a family member now, step back and ask for help from your Guides.


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