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  • Donna Frasca

Messages From The Dead

I'm writing in my book today, and wanted to share this with you. After studying my notebook of readings I’ve done, I see there is a common trait and commonality is quotes. I hear spirit in readings and they tell me things to tell their loved ones.

I’m not one of those mediums who demand information from spirit and ask them a ton of questions like, “What’s your name? Where did you live? How did you die? What do you look like?” These are all very important elements in readings to identify who I’m speaking with so the client or sitter can recognize them but I just don’t like asking spirit questions. What do I do? I wait for spirit to tell me anything they wish and only if it’s not clear to me, I will ask for more information.

One thing that is super cool is the quotes I get. They literally say things and all I do is relay what they say to the sitter in the form of a quote. Here are some I’d like to share with you.

“Now, now, stop fighting! I feel I told her this a thousand times!”

“Tell her when she cooks spaghetti, the chunks of meat are too big.”

“I’m here with you sweetie, you choose who you want to be in life. Let her be who she wants to be.”

“Some days are rainy and cloudy but the sun will always shine for you.”

“You are my love and joy.”

“I love you, honey, you know that - through tough times, thick and thin, I always loved you.”

“Not happy about you smoking pot but if it helps keep you grounded, then ok.”

“Chalk it up! You did a great job teaching your kids rules and behavior.”

“Your hand was cold as I was passing but that’s ok, I know you have a warm heart.”

“I want to dance with my girls again.”

“Tell her I love her!”

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