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  • Donna Frasca

Feeling and Releasing Is A Must

I’m not going to lie. I feel frustrated today and I’m writing this while I’m still in bed, my day has not even begun yet.

I’m frustrated I can’t see my kids on Mother’s Day, my family or my friends. I’m tired of not being able to travel or go to the places I always went to. There is so much fear in the air it’s sickening.

The other day I saw an article on Facebook with some restaurant that put up clear shower curtains between their dining tables so people can go out yet still be separate. If that’s the way it’s going to be I’d rather stay home. I’m tired of seeing people making masks from socks and hoarding toilet paper. I’m tired of people isolating themselves from the world and still being so judgmental when they see people trying to bring back some type of normalcy into their life because of THEIR fear. I also will not post some unicorn dancing graphic and pretend everything is ok because it’s not.

Today I obviously have a lot of emotions to sort though which is fine. If we do not express how we feel and keep everything inside, that’s how the real problems will begin to fester. Today I’m going to think about how I feel and try to somehow balance it and release it.

So what’s on the books for today? I will pull a card for myself to see what my inner message is and think about that. I am also so looking forward to my online course about “a guide to natural mediumship“ later on today. I will also continue editing my book which is extremely therapeutic for me. However, I will not be going outside today because it’s cool today and I got sunburnt yesterday 😆.

Friends, having these extreme emotions during these times are normal. It’s the ones who put up the façade of everything’s OK when it’s not, is where the problem lies. Sort through your emotions, feel them, think about them, and begin to release them. Focus on the things that you love and that bring you joy. That is what will heal you.

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