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  • Donna Frasca

Don't Let Anyone Sway You From Your Thoughts

I was sitting on the front porch this morning with my coffee, thinking. There's always a lot that goes through my mind on so many levels and sitting in the morning sun, is when it gets deep.

I heard the honking of a Canadian Goose flying by and I thought it was odd to see just one goose by itself since they usually fly in formation. About 10 seconds later I hear another honking in the sky and it was another goose trying to catch up, or were they being socially distant too? (insert giggle)

It made me think. There are leaders in the world and there are followers. The leaders have thoughts, often strong, that they have and that they share. The followers either follow and live by the leaders thoughts or they just follow and put those thoughts on the back burner and continue to stand true to what they believe.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, YOUR thoughts are the right ones. Don't let anyone sway you away from what you believe to be true in your world because YOU are the only one who is in your world, your being. Although it's good to seek the advice of others and listen to their knowings, you know what is best for you and should come to your own conclusions. No one, no matter what level of experience they have has the right to sway you away from what you believe in. If they do, THEY are the ones that need to rethink their knowings.

Painting by Donna Frasca

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