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  • Donna Frasca

Angels Take The Wheel

Mid-afternoon today I was hit with horrible energy. It was heavy, dark, and sad. I am a very upbeat person and started the day great but this wave came in and I'm upset. I was shaking, nauseous and on the verge of tears - that is the wave that came in.

I went outside and sat in the sun and that has helped a lot. I was only outside for about 10 minutes and I got this message from my angels. After I wrote this, I opened my eyes and saw gold and black glitter around me.

It's called “Angels Take The Wheel” (messages from them)

Don't live in the past, we have a new future. Your calm will feel different, your heart matter will change. Your tomorrow is rising and it will be strange. Some will shift, some will fall, some will level. Your bodies change, your minds are altered. You'll progress like thread through a needle. Your days will come, your joy will be received. I am YOU. YOU are WE. Together we will dance again. What was important, is now not. It's time to let go of ego and bare your soul.


What's strange is that I started the day feeling great with my rose quartz and heart chakra focused. Now, there's a new vibe and we will make the best of it ... together.

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