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  • Donna Frasca

Do Angels Really Wanna Wear Red Shoes?

Do angels even have feet? I hate to break the news to you, Elvis Costello, but angels do not have feet, so your red shoes are safe.

This is the interesting thing about angels. Most people say angels are a him or a her, and they look like somebody they know or very much like a human person with wings and a halo. This can't be further from the truth.

As a psychic medium,angel intuitive and one who has seen and felt the presence of angels and other spirits, I could tell you that angels do not look like people. Angels are an energy and look very much like the most beautiful cloud you've seen. Do they look like a fluffy white cloud like a piece of cotton? No, they look like a swirling mass of air that has beautiful colors, high vibration, and has fast movement.

Most of the time, these images can be seen from the corner of our eyes, and by the time we realized we see something, it is gone. By the time we actually see an apparition in front of us, and long enough to put two and two together, it's gone. Those angels are quick!

Favor of the angels, there was one time when I did see a huge white angel wing in my bedroom during an experience I had. I remember sitting on my bed and watching the angel wing take up the entire space of my master bedroom. That experience lasted I'd say a good five seconds which is long for an Angel capture.

In favor of the people who believe angels look like people, that is fine. In our minds, we create what our angels look like, whether they have blonde hair, black hair, tall skinny, fat, freckles, and that is for us and our minds to be comfortable with.

So whether your angel looks like Brad Pitt or the most beautiful cloud in the sky, it is your angel and it is perfect.


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