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  • Donna Frasca

Why Aren't Mediums Embraced Instead of Being Dissed?

How can having an experience be so awesome yet feel so crappy all at the same? Well, this is the norm if you are a Medium.

I’ve had spiritual experiences my entire life, and as amazing as they are, there always seems to be a flip side to that. What do I mean?

First off, people perceive Mediums as witches or people who wear headscarves and stare into crystal balls. They think that there’s nothing we’d rather do than to see what color underwear you have on. This can’t be farther from the truth.

I will tell you this, not all Mediums are good Mediums. Some, and I’ve come across MANY, are in it for the money, and their ego is way bigger than their heart. This makes me unbelievably sad!

As a practicing Medium, I speak with and listen to spirit people. They just want to connect with their loved ones on earth who are grieving for them. Grief is for a lifetime, it doesn’t go away. Mediums are here to listen and deliver their messages! What I don’t get is how on earth are we getting dissed for being honored with this gift?

I’ve lost friends to jealousy, fear, ego, and seen many failed marriages. I find that most people are just uncomfortable being around us. Why aren’t Mediums embraced instead of being dissed?

Along with the reasons I mentioned above, it’s about frequency. I know for a fact that the frequency and vibration of a Medium HAS to be higher to connect with spirit. But, we do not hold this high frequency 24/7 because we will burn out. I do know that when we are at “rest,” our average frequency is still higher, lighter, cleaner, and just overall feels way different from non-Mediums. Ever stand next to someone who you know is not a good person? You don’t want to be in the same room with them, right?

Well, the point I’m trying to make is the same but on the opposite spectrum. It’s a wonderful thing to have a high vibration and frequency, but I know that many people physically feel it when they stand next to us and on some level that computes to them to “stay away.” If only they knew ❤

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