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  • Donna Frasca

How To Heal The World With Just A Thought

A few weeks ago I was in a Facebook group that was going to do a “world healing.” The group was asking all lightworkers to join together and set intentions to heal, much like we all did to ask for rain for Australia. Of course I agreed and would do my best to send out healing intentions to the world. This is how powerful the mind is.

Not knowing how to do a world healing, I closed my eyes and was just going to virtually wrap the world in a color that I thought would symbolize healing. Within seconds of having my eyes closed, I saw an Angel image pop out of my chest (mind you I have my eyes closed) and saw the image that I created here. This Angel had diamonds on her back and would drop a diamond to the part of the world that needed healing. Since she didn't have many diamonds, each would cover a large expanse.

This is an experience and imagery that I can't explain and can't shake out of my mind. It was very powerful and like I said, happened in just seconds.

The mind is key to our healing and you can do anything you set your mind to, just believe 🌟 #DiamondCodes

Digital Art by Donna Frasca

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