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  • Donna Frasca

When You Talk About Your Passed Loved Ones, They Show Up

Yesterday as I was getting my haircut, I couldn't help but notice the stylists passed Grandmother next to her. She had her hands clasped in prayer with a beautiful set of rosaries beads draped over them. My stylist is a very talented but the girl can chat! What did she chat about? Her family, both passed and present. So what happens when you talk about your family members that have passed? They show up.

It was beautiful to see that her Grandmother was by her side. I didn't feel it was right too but in and start talking about her passed family members but I felt I somehow needed to acknowledge her Spirit Grandmother next to her. When she was talking about her Grandparents, that was my cue to ask, “Was your Grandmother VERY religious?” In a second she replied with and solid “YES!!!” And so it is.

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