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  • Donna Frasca

Coming Soon! A 30 Day Mentorship Package, From Color To The Cosmos

✨ Coming soon!

A 30 Day Mentorship Package: From Color To The Cosmos. This package will include ALL of my services, from Color ( to the Cosmos ( rolled into one.

It'll be a 30-day spiritual journey with just one person at a time,


Here's just a few things it'll include: • A Chakra Reading at the beginning of the month. This reading will include a PDF of what I see delivered to your email. • A video on how to cleanse your chakras in the shower. • (2) intuitive 30-minute phone session reading. This reading may include a chakra reading or a mediumship reading. • Weekly Angel Card readings via the ZOOM platform • Weekly Lenormand card readings via the ZOOM platform based on a question that you may have. • A daily spiritual invocation. • Daily mantras. • Dream interpretation. • Daily email questions answered. • Last but not least, a healing color palette for your home designed by me, Donna Frasca, Intuitive Color Expert. This service alone is a $250 value!

My 30 Day Mentorship package is for the person who is serious about their journey. What you learn in your 30 days of one-on-one coaching with me will give you the foundation to help you along your journey.

As a bonus, members will receive an Angel Insights (see them in the SHOP) card deck that I designed while supplies last.

I will be accepting just 1-2 people a month. PM if interested. I excited to work with you!

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