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  • Donna Frasca

WE Are Time

It was such a nice weekend with family. As the years go on, it gets harder and harder to get everyone together. The kids have jobs and partners and it's not easy for our parents to travel especially when they are not feeling well. Work schedules, life, loves and even our pets are all considerations when we try to get together with family.

This weekend we sat in the living room, some of us on the floor as we used to when we were kids. We played a card game, laughed and found out a little about each other that we didn't know the day before. We bonded and reminisced of the past and spoke about the future. It was simple fun with no TV, no political or religious talks and I even shared some of my spiritual experiences and chakra talk which is an every day must.

If there is one thing that gets my panties in a twist is saying “I'm so busy!” Well, you'll be busy to the day you die so set your priorities straight. Put your phones down.

• Set time for family because they won't always be there.

• Set money aside to go out and eat together.

• Shut off the TV and play cards, sit together, talk, have food, drinks and share stories.

• Hold your pets because they heal us.

• Have an open mind towards the younger generation because yes, they have different views that what we are used to.

• Listen to the older generation because they have stories to share, even if you've heard them before.

We share, we live, we love. We ARE time.

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