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  • Donna Frasca

I Had An Alien Visit!

Two nights ago I heard a really high-pitched sound in my room. I tried to debunk it thinking it was the fan in my room or something outside but it was a constant hum that I had not heard before.

I had a restless nights sleep that night and tossed and turned most of the night. So I guess I was in between sleep and being awake most of the night. I don’t know if I was dreaming or if I was awake at this point but I saw something. It was white, tall and had random black patches all over its body like soot from the fireplace. Its face was elongated and crooked.

I saw it walk up to me and it ran it’s boney finger down along the bridge of my nose. Then it was gone.

I always try to debunk everything I see. How did it feel? Smell? Look? What was the overall feeling I got from the experience? Was it the lighting? A shadow? A dream?

What I felt from this experience was that it was a visit. Sure I could have dreamt it but I know me, I just don’t have random dreams or sightings. This experience felt gentle, almost loving as if it happened before. Even though I don’t remember seeing this creature before, it felt familiar, almost like family or a friend. Weirdest thing ever and I just wanted to share it with you. I love our imagination during this time of Halloween. Or did it actually happen?

Happy Halloween everybody - keep your eyes peeled today.

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