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  • Donna Frasca

Can We Capture Spirits On Our Cell Phones?

There are orbs, dust particles, and lens reflections that most of us notice on our cell phones. MOST of these pictures, if not all, are not capturing spirit people. It's VERY hard to capture this energy with a phone because you have to be in the right place at the right time, which is rare. Spirit connections happen so fast you'd be lucky to have a phone in your hand, ready to snap away. So the images you see in your pictures are more than likely dust particles, lens reflections from your cell phone, or MATRIXING, which is what occurs"when you find a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects, reflections, or patterned surfaces." It's super cool to see those shapes, but most of the time, it's what our minds see for us. I myself love to look for Angel's shapes in those clouds.👼🏻

I want to add just one more observation before I hear your thoughts. As a Psychic Medium, I've had many experiences with the spirit world. Like life, there is a balance in the spirit realm as well, with good and bad. If a "ghost" or spirit person, as I like to say, was nice here on earth, they continue that way in their next realm, wherever that is. If they were mischievous, had a great sense of humor, shy, or just a joyous person, they will also be like that in the spirit world. Having said that, when you have your paranormal experiences, note what you feel. Does the activity in your home have a similar feeling to someone you know? This may help you ID the spirit activity.

Keep in mind that not all spirit activity is demonic. Some of the ways spirit people can contact us are by turning lights on and off, messing with our electronics, dropping things in the house, visiting us in our dreams, and yes, even showing up as flashes of light or orbs. This is what they do. I always treat spirit people with respect because, after all, they were at once a person. Don't get me wrong, the first thing I do is discern the spirit energy by running it through my senses, but if they are indeed mischievous, I'll send them packing.

In closing, if you are fear-based and looking for the boogie man, they will find you. If you have an open mind and heart and want to connect, talk to, or help a spirit person, they to will find you. Keep your vibration high, thoughts clear and heart open, and watch the energy change around you.


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