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  • Donna Frasca

Do Ghost's Use Stairs Too? I Think Mine Are Haunted

As Halloween nears closer here again, just like last year, the spirit world is vamping up. The past few days have been one big time jump, where I was able to see just seconds into the future. It’s like I was in a car driving ahead of myself and just caught a glimpse of what was ahead seconds before I got there. Not being able to explain this experience, I’ve added it to the category “THE UNEXPLAINABLE.”

Not only is my psychic energy vamped, but my Clairvoyance has also spiked as well. Check out what happened last night in my living room.

The great thing about having five cats in the house is that they are my five little ghost detectors. When there’s a shift in energy, a noise, something weird that flies by, they are on alert.

Last night I was sitting in the living room with my husband watching TV. From the peripheral vision of my left eye, I saw three gray figures go up the stairs. I immediately looked at the cat that was closest to me, and he, too tracked something that went up the stairs.

I always try to debunk all my visions before coming to any conclusions. I jumped up and looked up the stairs to see if one of my gray cats ran up, and I just caught their blur: nothing, no cats.

“Did you see that?” I asked my husband. “Did you see the gray things that ran up the stairs?”

“Maybe it was one of the gray cats,” he said.

“No! Both the gray cats are here with us in the living room.”

Whenever I experience something like this, I run it through my Clairs to see how it feels. I’ve seen these gray figures before on the stairs, so it wasn’t a big shock to me; it just took me by surprise.

Could my stairs be haunted? Is it some type of portal? Today as I spend time in the house, I’m going to tap into the stairs and try to get some answers. Halloween is apparently starting early this year.

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