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How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

Angels - there are SO many wonderful things in life that surround us like family, friends, babies, pets, great jobs, good health just to name a few. There are also many of us who share the opposite side of the spectrum and it's hard to get out of it. I have a suggestion for us today!

YOU are in charge of your life and how you feel. Feel like you need a change? Do just one thing out of order, for example. You wake up, go to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to make coffee, etc.

Try this, you wake up, go to the bathroom, TAKE A SHOWER, now go to the kitchen to make coffee.

Whatever your "change" is, do just one thing out of order. Set your mind and say, “today I'M IN CHARGE” and go about your day like a boss.

I know this is a little change and may sound silly, but it's things like this that can make a HUGE difference in your mind, body, and spirit ... because YOU made it happen. #FromColorToTheCosmos

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