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  • Donna Frasca

Can Or Should A Medium Predict The Future?

Some Mediums say they can predict someone's future. Can predictions be made? Sure. Can Mediums, who are psychic, do this? Yes, yes and yes but should they? This is where there's a thin line of what we as Psychics should and should not do.

When we tap into the energy of others, yes, we can get a lot of information. Wording is so very important in readings. Empathy is so very important in readings. Free will is so very important in readings.

People's emotions are upfront and center when we do readings. They listen to every word and sometimes take it all to heart. When I do my readings I never tell a client what to do, what career choices to make or when this or that will happen. Sure I may give a range of what I may feel an event may take place but I always keep free will in mind. Clients make choices based on when they are ready and when they feel the timing is right. I sometimes see dates, times and events based on a question that a client asks but here, I prefer to have the client choose for themselves.

For example. I had a client ask about her two job offerings. In the reading, I saw one of the two jobs that would be best for her but I didn't come out and say which one it was. I wanted her to decide. I always have paper handy during readings and here, I drew an A door and a B door. I put the energy behind the door where I saw her accepting but SHE needed to decide not me. Would her energy be drawn to the right door? Would it be the same door that I saw would be best for her?

What happened next was pretty cool. She took the paper and looked and the A and B doors. I asked her, both jobs that you are considering are behind each one of those doors but behind one of them is the one for you and the one I see you liking. Which door are you drawn to? She looked at both the A and the B I had drawn on the paper and studied both for a few seconds.

She then pointed to one of the doors and that was indeed the one that I saw in my mind's eye for her. She asked if that was the right door and I said "yes it is."

She then asked, "Which job was it?"

I responded with "that I can't tell you but know that when you do decide on one of those two jobs, you will be choosing the right one, again."

Two great things happened here. First of all, I saw which job was best for her out of the two she wanted. Secondly and the most important is that the power of choice was put in HER to decide, not me.

How is this good? When the day comes to decide on her job, deep down she will know that she will definitely be choosing the right job for her. If I had given her the job that I thought was best for her, she's always be wondering if the other choice was the correct one. Putting the power in HER has made all the difference in the energy of this psychic reading.

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