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  • Donna Frasca

How To Restore Your Soul. Take a Spiritual Shower In Your Element

When you feel out of sorts, frazzled, weary, tuckered, worn out, stressed, fallen, and just downright spent, where do you go? What do you do?

I just spent the last seven days by the ocean, and sadly, this was my family vacation which has gone down as the worse road trip ever. Was it nice? Sure, it was great to see the family. Was it pretty? Sure. The beaches were pretty, but it just isn’t my thing. Did the family have a good time? No. Not by a long shot. How do we all feel? Glad it’s over and glad to be home.

Now, what kind of vacation is this? Not a very good one. So, after hours and hours of driving with four adults in the car, cramming 10 pounds of baloney in a 5-pound sack for the past ten days, I feel exhausted and just frazzled. So much happened, from my daughters’ chameleon dying on day one to my house getting infested with ants while we were away.

The kids fought, I lost my keys, we hit horrible weather, the car almost got swept away in floodwaters, everyone was arguing, and honestly, I just didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be at home.

So many people just love the ocean, which is fine. I was born and raised on Long Island, and sure, I like it too, but it’s not where my soul wants to be. The ocean recharges many people, but for me, I feel myself getting drained. From feeling weighed down as I walk in the sand to having my energy sucked away from each wave, I can feel myself getting lost with each breath.

How can you feel restored when you are not in the element that you need to be in? You don’t. So what does one do? Get to where your heart takes you and take a Spiritual Shower.

Today is just the first day back from this “vacation” and I started it with a morning walk. As I was walking, it began to drizzle. The wet, cold droplets felt so good, and honestly, I wish it poured. Why did I want to get rained on? To cleanse my soul, to clean my aura, and to wash away all the yuk that I keep remembering from this trip. It didn’t rain enough, and it’s going to take a while to wash this memory away.

Starting today and every day until I get back my high vibration that I had before this trip, I will be where I feel good, and that’s outside in the green. I have a gorgeous backyard, and the only water element I have is a bird foundation which is fine for me.

This makes me think. Why do I love the woods so much? Because of the trees. Trees are very grounding, and with the Angelic channeling that I do and all the Clairvoyant experiences I have, I MUST be VERY grounded at all times. This is why I’m drawn to the woods, mountains, parks, greenery, and just plain old Mother Earth. It’s a must-have in my life.

I have much work to do in the next few days to get restored. I have a channeled painting to work on next week, and I need to be in tip-top shape to connect.

As far as the Spiritual Shower, I’m going to look at my chakras because I’m sure they are a mess. I will spend as much time outside, especially at my local park, which is the picture I have at the top of this post. I will also spend some much need alone time until I feel restored - which hopefully will be soon.

Where is your element? Make sure you know because when you get drained, you’ll need the help of that to restore your soul. It’s called your “happy place.” Where’s yours?

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