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  • Donna Frasca

Pink: You Are One Complicated Color!

Today I want to expand into the world of color. We all have our favorite colors and today I wanted to talk a bit about pink. It's a very complicated color for such a "girly" hue, but then again, girls can be very complicated right? Today's post is tapping into the COLOR part of my hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos.

Pink is a shade of red and red is another VERY complicated color. It can mean anything from passion, death, love, hate, stability, grounding and vitality.

Pink, can be a branch of red but not always.

• Pink is also associated with the Heart Chakra even thought the Heart Chakra is green.

• Pink is a shade of red, red is a complimentary color to green

• Pink is usually considered to be a feminine color but you'll often see it in very "manly" places like on guns.

• In some prisons, men are wearing pink britches (hee-hee)

• Pink calms and soothes

• Pink is the color of the beautiful Rose Quartz ... and the list can go on and on.

I have a pink office and painted it years ago when I didn't like pink. I felt my office would look and feel like a baby's room and boy was I wrong! My pink office is the most soothing room in the house and it's because of my pink walls. Here again, pink is connected to the Heart Chakra and my office is where I do what I love.

Strange how color can do that right? This is just a little introduction to color mentioning pink. It's a VERY complicated subject but one that I am extremely passionate about (another red emotion.)

What colors are you drawn to?

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