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Pink: You Are One Complicated Color!

Today I want to expand into the world of color. We all have our favorite colors and today I wanted to talk a bit about pink. It's a very complicated color for such a "girly" hue, but then again, girls can be very complicated right? Today's post is tapping into the COLOR part of my hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos.

Pink is a shade of red and red is another VERY complicated color. It can mean anything from passion, death, love, hate, stability, grounding and vitality.

Pink, can be a branch of red but not always.

• Pink is also associated with the Heart Chakra even thought the Heart Chakra is green.

• Pink is a shade of red, red is a complimentary color to green

• Pink is usually considered to be a feminine color but you'll often see it in very "manly" places like on guns.

• In some prisons, men are wearing pink britches (hee-hee)

• Pink calms and soothes

• Pink is the color of the beautiful Rose Quartz ... and the list can go on and on.

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