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  • Donna Frasca

What Is The Full Moon Really About?

We are now if the full moon stage and I'm sure many of you can feel it. What is the moon really about? Energy? Shapes? The second brightest object in the sky besides the sun? A beautiful white sphere that circles the earth? Well yes, it's all that and more.

If you simply, and I put emphasis on simply, look at the moon, it's a ball that changes from all white to all black. What do black and white mean to you? Balance.

From the extreme darkness of black to the brightest of whites, the moon is a physical reminder to keep our lives in balance. We all go through stages of learning, growing and knowing and our moon is a physical reminder of just that.

Have you come full circle? It's more than a series of developments that lead back to the original source, it's a feeling of finally getting to the place/space you've been reaching towards your whole life. It's that ah-ha moment where you "just get it". It's that feeling of “I arrived and I like it here.”

We all go through many stages in life and it never stops. It's nice when you get to the place/space where deep down, you know that you've reached a place of self-assurance that you are EXACTLY where you need to be.

As you gaze at this graphic and see the sky, know that now we are in the Air Element. You should have a feeling of inner freedom and openness, which what this post is all about.


Graphic: Donna Frasca #FromColorToTheCosmos

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