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  • Donna Frasca

Why Do Tattoos Show Up A Lot In My Mediumship Readings?

Tattoos that were once just ink in a jar become infused with the body. When I do readings, I read the energy field or aura of the person and tattoos, now become infused with the energy of a person. I never thought I'd be posting about tattoos here in this blog but after seeing many tattoos show up in my readings, it needs to be addressed.

I would have NEVER thought that tattoos would be such an important element in readings but when you think about it, anything that a person permanently infuses to their body HAS to be important to them, this is why I can see it.

One of the first tattoo I saw in a reading years ago was so, so subtle I almost looked it over. Good thing I didn't because it wound up being such an important element to the reading. I also learned NEVER to look over anything I see in a reading even if I think it so small.

In this particular reading, I was sitting in a chair in my office with my legs up on a stool. As I'm on the phone with the client, I noticed something shiny on my left ankle. I looked at it closer and noticed that it was just one single piece of glitter. Now this would not be unusual in my office because I also work on art projects there so I let it go.

Now this is where it gets cool. Still on the phone with the client, I felt like there was something more to the glitter on my ankle so I tapped into it again. Once I took a second look at it, I saw the image of a small, small devil face. I was like, “I am NOT telling the client I see a small devil face on a left ankle” so what I did next was a big Mediumship no-no.

I did realize it was a tat but instead of telling the client was a saw I told them it was a small face. It was a small face but a devils face not “just a face.”

I used my human filter and didn't tell the client exactly what I saw. I thought that telling her I saw a devil face on her passed sisters ankle would scare her.

Well I learned a big lesson that day to never use a filter. As a Medium I now know that is a big no-no and I will never do that again but, we learn as we go right?

So happens that the clients passed sister DID in fact have a small tattoo of a devils face on her ankle and she had a matching one as well. Both she and her sister were being sneaky and got a tat without telling their mom. It was actually a cute thing that two sisters would do.

So that was one tattoo story.

The other more recent tattoo reading was very cool indeed. Well into the reading I saw my clients left light to be highlighted in a beautiful white light. Her leg was actually shaped like one Angel wing and when I tell you it was bright, it was bright. Considering I do all my readings blindfolded, it was pretty cool to see such brightness when I sat in total darkness.

I asked my client what was going on with her left leg. She then described a tattoo that she had on the top of her foot. It was two Angel wings with the date of her grandmothers birth and passing along with her signature. So happens that my clients entire reading was about that particular grandmother. Talk about a 100% connection.

So here you have just two quick examples of how very important tattoos are not only in life but in death. They become infused with your every core of energy in your body and as a Medium, I can sense and see that.

Tattoos are more than ink on the body, they honor people in our lives, events to remember or mark a memory forever be embedded in our soul.


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