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  • Donna Frasca

Energy Notes: What Should We Do During Today's Black Moon?

You've probably heard about the “Black Moon” and all that really is just a second New Moon this month. However, when it comes to energy, that's where it's a bit different.

Most are saying that it's the time to think about something “new” to begin, much like a blank canvas. This is basically true but since this is the second New Moon this month, there is a twist.

This moon has zero illumination so the sky is dark. Normally now is the time to do shadow work and retreat inside to deal with the downside of life however there is more.

When the moon is in Cancer people become VERY sensitive, more so than normal. Yes now is the time to go within your shell but not to hide from the negativeness of the world but to think. Now is the time to dig really deep to see and feel what is on the INSIDE of you. This soul searching is crucial at this time.

What to do? Go to the depths of the waters and retreat and reflect. In your darkness you'll be able to see what's there. See in the dark? Yes! that is the best time to see. When it's dark, there are no distractions.

Control your thoughts, don't start anything new but certainly THINK about it. Your energy may be low so chill today, read and do everything in moderation. Hot salt baths, candles and incense will help ease.

In a few days Cancer, come up from those murky waters and shed your shell! There will be a new one just under it that is bigger and stronger than the one before.

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