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  • Donna Frasca

Which Angel Can Help Me Feel Better?

All Angels can help you feel better but Archangel Zadkiel who specializes in cord cutting and transmuting, is key to that overall uplifting feeling.

It's like weeds that take over a garden, the thoughts that are forever intwined in your head. After a while your ”garden” get full and you can no longer see the flowers that were once there.

The great thing empowerment is that YOU have control of what's in your head. When you get to that point of feeling “overgrown” by the weeds in your life, it's time to do some weeding.

Transmute, all that doesn't serve you. Cord cutting, or weed cutting in this case, can be done on a regular basis. This allows you to get rid of all that extra baggage that you've been carrying around on your shoulders. Get rid of unwanted negativeness and change those weeds into flowers.

YOU have the power to release those unwanted energies in your life. Focus on the color purple, your Crown Chakra and Archangel Zadkiel for assistance.

PART II - I'll write a post on Cord Cutting and how Zadkiel and other Angels assist in this. Stay tuned!

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