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  • Donna Frasca

When Being A Psychic Medium Failed Me: I Didn't See Death Coming

Yesterday started off ok, like a normal day doing normal things until death hit. My best friends 120 pound, 9 year old dog suddenly was transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge. On top of that my brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away which as I type this, am still in disbelief.

I of all people should have picked up on something like death's door was a knocking.

How did I not SEE this coming?

Did life engulf me so much that I shut myself off to the spirit world?

How did I not FEEL this coming?

Sure there were birthday celebrations, enjoying what life has to offer, my friends, painting, my pets, family, garden, my work - but my work? Really?

How did I not SENSE this coming?

Being a Psychic Medium sure does have its ups and downs and I know all about them, I signed up for this years ago. However, do I not have the right to get mad because my senses were not “ON” 24/7 to figure this out?

We have a built-in safety mechanism so to speak where we do NOT stay ON 24/7. Can you imagine how draining that would be? Think about it, for every waking moment you'd be eating, drinking and living the spirit world ALL day EVERYDAY. Any Medium who tells you they do that is full of it because they'd be drained and unless in a NY second.

I get this “safety switch” of being off and enjoying life here on earth instead of being connected to the spirit world ALL the time, however, it would have been nice if I had a little heads up on all of this.

But, and there's always a big but, IF I did get a heads up on death, then what would I do? Would I go up to my friend and say on “July 18th you're going to put your dog down” or tell my family that “someone in our family is going to pass away WAY, WAY before his time?”

No, no and no.

Life is life. Death is death and we are not meant to know everything, that would just be creepy. Yes, some of us do have these gifts of being able to sense when a new baby will be arriving or when the best time is to get that job and even when you can see someones loved one standing right behind them, but when it comes to death, there is only one Source who is charge of that, and it's not us.

As we go on and life sheds these horrible circumstances in our path, we draw closer to our friends and family as we grieve. We never really heal and the memories of the good times should be front and center ... eventually. Until then, it's ok to cry, grieve and be mad. Find comfort in what brings joy and knowledge, and I can tell you this with my right hand over my heart, all our loved ones whether pet or person, NEVER leave our side or our hearts.


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