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  • Donna Frasca

What's Involved In A House Clearing?

I did a house clearing last night and my ears felt like I was deep sea diving. Just by following that feeling from my ears, I was able to pinpoint exactly which rooms in the home had ”energy issues” that needed to be cleared.

Every home, every clearing is different so what's the same? Your senses. I trust my senses 110% and they have never failed me. I tap into my solar plexus and the words and feelings that come to mind first are the ones that Spirit is brining forward. Once you begin to think about what you're feeling and seeing, ego sets in and the connection is lost.

I didn't want to burn sage in the home so I made a salt and sage spray that smelled amazing! With the help of some crystals and of course Angels that held every compass point in the home, the heavy energy was lifted.

Do less, trust more and tap into your senses. Become one with the energy in the home and see what needs to be addressed. Think less, feel more and put your ego aside, it's just energy but needs to be displaced. Trust that Spirit will guide you and believe me when I tell you, Spirit guides this process from start to finish.

Towards the end of clearing I could already feel the house getting lighter. Keep in mind that YOU are always in control of your home and the energy that is in it. YOU guide it and make it flow, not the other way around.

The use of certain crystals really help and also tapping into the chakra system. You really need to trust and activate those energy centers in your body, that is what they are there for, it's really an amazing, beautiful experience.

These fixes are not rectified overnight but by setting your intentions and changing up a few things in your home, energy moves and changes. EVERYTHING is energy from the decor in your home, your words and your intentions. Change that and shift everything ❣️✨

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