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  • Donna Frasca

How Can We Be Self Healers?

Today I want to talk about self healing. Last night (and I'm sure the retrograde had lots to do with it) I was wide awake until 1:30 am and restless the rest of the night- I may have drifted here and there but it was a VERY long night. What's strange about this last night was my cats. I have four cats and ALL of them were all around me, they had me pinned.

As I lie there staring at the ceiling fan, I kept hearing “self heal.” After all, instead of running to the Doctor for every little ache and pain, this is what we should be doing first and DAILY. I'm not saying that I'm sick but I do have some basic aches and pains but nothing out of the ordinary. So a self healing night it was and apparently the cats chimed in to help.

Our pets are more than just pets, the are healers. I feel this is one reason they are not on this earth too long because the are soaking up all our “stuff” and they can only hold so much before their job is done. By the way take notice, if you have some ailments in your home such as ADHD, stress, depression, MS, Cancer - watch your pets. How are they feeling? How is their health? Are they extra clingy on the days you're not feeling well?

So last night I did a virtual scan of my body and focused on the parts that hurt such as some joints here and there that I'm sure are arthritic. I did this for what seemed like about 15 minutes but four hours went by! I decided it was time to look at the clock and thought it was maybe 11pm but it was 1:30am - where did that time go?

My point here is YOU are all self healers. Use your mind and your intuition to balance your psychical body and its issues.

On other nights or in meditations try the same concept but focus on your MIND and your THOUGHTS.

Finally, same concept but focus on your EMOTIONS. Bring them (all pains, thoughts and emotions you want released) forward, focus on them and then release it all.

Note how you feel in the morning after each session.

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