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  • Donna Frasca

Donna Frasca: A Spiritual Painter

I've been painting since I was ten years old, coincidentally when my Spiritual journey began. Over the decades I continued to paint but since 2014, my journey and my paintings took a major shift. I began painting what I saw in my Clairvoyant eye in my readings and meditations and I'll tell you that it's way cooler than painting just a still life or landscape.

Anyway, I wanted to share this painting with you. It's actually a finger painting and not only was it a major release for me during our crazy moon / eclipse energies yesterday, I visually captured a message from the Spirit world.

This is my Spiritual painting and the message from the Spirit person is this:

“Even on your darkest day, know that you will hold JOY close to you by the love in your heart, family and the memories you have.”

Years ago I painted like this and for some reason stopped. It think it was a solid two years of Spiritual painting and I did showcase some of those paintings on an older blog but did not bring them over here. I will start a new CATEGORY called SPIRITUAL PAINTINGS so you can see them as I create them.

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