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  • Donna Frasca

What Does Mediumship and Being a Detective Have In Common?

They say be careful of what you wish for right? Back in the day I always wanted to be a Detective. I thought it would be cool to have all the puzzle pieces in front of you, perhaps some you had to find, to put together a story and to find an answer. Well today as a Psychic Medium, I can tell you that I finally got what I asked for.

I love that I'm a strong Clairvoyant. That means that I see a lot and I mean a lot of images from the Spirit realm. The thing is, it's all fine and dandy to see these images but as a Medium, I have to put it all together and figure “the story.”

For example, when I connect with Spirit in a reading and see a rose, it can mean SO many things. The first thing an inexperienced Medium would say is “I see a rose. Were there roses at ***** funeral?” Well yea, there's a 99% chance that yes, there were indeed roses at a funeral. There were also people, chairs and a building, these are the obvious sightings. However, what if the rose means something else?

For example, a rose can mean:

• someone's name

• that the passed person had rose garden

• that she loved rose perfume

• or that they lived on Rose Lane

• or they had a rose tattoo

• or that they were allergic to roses

• or that they disliked roses

• or even that they may have been buried with a rose pin or piece

• or that they their favorite shirt had roses on it

This is just a really small example of what the images that a Medium sees can mean. How do we discern these meanings? By being a Spiritual Detective.

Well kinda. Like a real Detective, the Medium has to look at all the “evidence” to put all the pieces together. The main factor here is to use ALL your senses and the most important one, is the “trust your gut” sense.

I made this sound simpler than it is but for the sake of this post, I wanted to just get a point across. As a Medium, a rose is not always a rose unless ... it's a rose.

Does that makes sense? Yes and no and it's up to the Spirit person to quickly get those images, emotions and words out to the Medium and then, to the recipient.

Mediumship readings have a beginning, middle and end. These reading times go fast and the Spirit person has only minutes to “talk” to the ones they love. Nothing is as it seems yet everything has a meaning.










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