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  • Donna Frasca

Cartomancy; It's All In The Cards

As time goes on I'm finding my comfort zone in life and in my readings. I'm getting to that place of what I want to do, who I am and what comes naturally to me. Life is so much easier when we tap into self and work with that instead of doing continual searching which is necessary but exhausting. Today, I'm talking about the readings I do using just regular playing cards. This is Cartomancy.

Using these cards to do readings requires one to have good insights, trust and and intuition that will take you to all levels, levels of sights, sounds, visuals, smells and just knowing. I'm referencing the “Clairs” here.

Sure I've used other cards and ever designed to decks of my own which can be purchased in the SHOP above. As much as I love my own cards, I STILL love using these cards way better! I can also have them in my purse and play Solitaire or give a reading at any given moment which is kinda funny!

There are many sites that explain what and how to use these cards for readings but I prefer not to read them. I totally rely on my intuition and insights for every single reading. Sure it comes in handy to know what the suits represent and each card to an extent but that to changes depending on the reading and or the reader. I've done this so many times and each reading is amazing even to me that all THAT information came from a few basic cards.

There are not fancy images on these cards, no wording on the bottom to “start the reading off” and no guide book that comes with it. If you're into Cartomancy, you have a gift that goes WAY back in time, even before the Tarot card. It's a great history, read up on it when you can.

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