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  • Donna Frasca

Mediumship Memos: There Are Many Levels of Mediumship

Mediumship is like a level of education, sometimes people stop at High School some go onto College and then there are some that go all the way to Graduate School or get a Masters. How far you go in Mediumship is already built into your knowing and you'll feel what level you are at by the experiences you have.

Although my path has been paved for me when I was just 10 years old, my Mediumship didn't start kicking in until I was in my mid 20's (I'm in my 57th year now.)

I've learned so much from speaking with my “spooky” friends, taking Mediumship courses (currently enrolled in one for the next the month of June) but mostly, I've learned the natural way, through my own experiences.

Let's talk about levels of Mediumship for a moment. When one learns the natural way there are no blinders, no rules or checklists to follow, you kinda just go with the flow and learn as you go based on the experiences you've had. You look for patterns and hopefully journal the experiences so you can keep track of your readings. Yes there is comfort in knowing that your other Mediums friends may or may not share similar experiences that you have had and it's great to ask around, which I have done.

Based on the people I've asked so far (from professionals across the globe to people who have been Mediums for decades), I find that Mediumship is very much like the birthing experience. Some mothers have had an easy birth, difficult birth, cesarian section, natural, twins, triplets, full term, premature, big bellies, small bellies, good birthing experiences, not so good birthing experiences but in the end, there is the same result which is a baby.

The same applies to Mediumship. Spirit people come in many ways because after all, they too are still just people. They have personalities that are made known the minute a Medium connects with them and then the Spirit person begins to unfold the message that they want to convey to their loved one. Most if not all Spirit people are kind and loving, once in a while there is one with a little attitude and then there are some that for whatever reason, are a bit confused as to where they are. Now this can be because of denial, the way they died, sudden death or someone who has passed very recently. But here, the outcome is the same, although the Medium has a very different experience, they are still having an experience or connection with the Spirit world, the same but yet still very different.

I will say this, I know for a fact that some Mediums have rules and regulations for the Spirit world. Some Mediums say they only want to see beautiful things and nothing that is gross, bloody or weird and they don't want to be scared which is fine that is their prerogative. I also know that there are Mediums who are all in because that is what they signed up for and that is their path. Their experiences will be very different but this certainly does not make one better than the other, just different. This is what teachers should keep in mind.

Two great examples of Mediums on different spectrums is one, the beautiful and amazing Lorraine Warren who recently passed. She was the inspiration behind the movie Amityville Horror and the Conjuring. She was a paranormal investigator because she had the gift and insights that lead her into that direction.

And there is Gordon Higgingson who in many peoples opinions is one of the best Mediums in the past century, now that's a lot of Spirit experience. When you read about Gordon, and I read about him a little weekly and studied him in a course I took with Medium Martin Twycross, you'll see that his Mediumship gifts were that of mental mediumship, trance control, physical mediumship and spiritual healing. Now here again is yet another level of Mediumship.

Just like there are many teachers in this world and each bring a little something that resonates with us, there are also many types or levels of Mediumship. I will say this, when a teacher is offering a class of 100+ students, it is imperative to realize that not everyone is a beginner but at least everyone in the class is willing and wanting to learn just a little bit more of the Spirit world.

So teachers, please keep in mind that not all your students are created equal. Please keep an open mind and when they ask you a question, don't base your answer on just your experience as Medium but base it on whatever learnings that you may have of the Spirit world and other well known Mediums.

Like a fingerprint, we all are unique as we connect with Spirit, respect everyone's experiences. If you see a student ask a question that you yourself have not experienced, don't dismiss is because you have not been down that road but provide words of encouragement or how they can learn and grow from what they are asking you.

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