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  • Donna Frasca

Mediumship Memos: Who Do We Go To For Answers?

Last night and early this morning I spoke to some of my Medium friends and shared a recent experience with them. In reference to my last post When A Spirit Person Doesn't Know They Passed, my question was not only about the Spirit person not knowing they are passed but WHO to ask to see if this is an actual thing in the Spirit world.

I was going to ask my present Mentor but I heard a voice in me that said, “There are many levels of experience and experiences in Mediumship. Many won't understand yours and it's only important that YOU know that what you experienced to be true.” When I hear thought words like that, I trust them 110%.

I did however, have conversation with a handful of some Mediums that I know from Facebook and most of them confirmed that yes, this is a thing for the Spirit world. Some spirit people are not fully transitioned or ascended to where they need to be for various reasons. Some are not “stuck or trapped” but just confused. THEY have the power to be where they need or want to be but some, need a little chatting with just to let them know where their energy is at the present time.

So to get back to the question about this post, WHO do we go to with questions like this? Answer: We go to self.

Sure it's reassuring and on some level both comforting and necessary to validate with a Medium friend but the question should be asked to one's self and one's knowing. When we put the trust in OURSELVES and not others, that is how we grow stronger as Mediums.

Keep in mind that yes we are still just “us” and we still think it's pretty awesome to chat with our friends to share our experiences with. Hearing that “yes” to validate what we already knew to be true on a super deep level is the icing on the cake to close this chapter in our Mediumship Memos. However, I have a feeling that this particular “gift” of being able to sense this with Spirit, is something that I'll be experiencing more and more ... and I'm ok with that.

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