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  • Donna Frasca

And My Mediumship Course Begins: Deepening The Evidence

This post is an introduction to a course that I'll be taking for the next four weeks. I signed up for an online Mediumship course and will be writing about my experiences and leanings as I go. I already have Mediumship certifications but I found a Mentor that really resonated with me and I wanted to take one of his online courses. Since this blog also double as a journal for me, it's the perfect platform to keep my notes organized and watch how things progress.

Painting by Donna Frasca

TRUST THE GUT: There are many, many people who teach Mediumship. As a person that is highly sensitive, I can look at a name or face and feel the energy of that person to see if they resonate with me. This gift comes in handy but only if you listen to it.

Several years ago I saw someone on Facebook who taught Mediumship and was interested but my gut told me to stay away and I did. A year after that original gut feeling and against the advice of my Solar Plexus (the gut feeling) I took her Mediumship course. The teacher who certified me at that time, and I'm not going to mention her name but she lives in Canada, was barely and I mean barely qualified to be proper teacher but onward I went. It was an expensive course and yes I did learn some vital elements in Mediumship but overall was not happy with her or her teachings. Lucky for me Mediumship came naturally so this really did not hinder my journey just annoyed my wallet.

The last several months I felt a strong and I mean strong feeling to start the search again. Spirit was telling me that there is someone out there that will resonate with me and fine tune the skills I need to better communicate with Spirit. Here again my Solar Plexus was in high drive and the search resumed.

I came across several people on Facebook and they still did not resonate with me. From ridiculous check list techniques that demanded information from Spirit to people who just read cards like they were the Bible and never put their soul into their readings, I was disgusted by the “teachers” that were out there and saddened for the students who didn't know better not to follow them. Everyone has their own journey and has to find these things out on their own. Again, lucky for me I have a very strong bullshit detector (again the Solar Plexus) so I can weed out TONS of people before handing over my credit card to them.

Then I came across another person, a man this time, that also taught Mediumship. He had a soft presence on Facebook and all social media platforms actually so it was a challenge to SEE his work. So what's a Medium to do? Tap into my senses and put them to work again.

I saw some photos of him on his website and there were also some free PDF's that I read and one 15 minute clip-it of one of his platform readings from when he was in Germany. BINGO! This is the dude that will be my mentor. I felt a YES in my gut that was stronger than strong so I had to find out more about him.

Timing was impeccable as I learned of a course he would be offering called Deepening The Evidence. I read the description and it resonated with me 110%. Spirit also gave me the thumbs up with a “this is what you've been searching for.” So, for the next four weeks I will be under the wing on my new Mentor Andy Byng.

I'll be sharing my experiences, thoughts and words I heard from the Spirit people that I come in contact with over the next few weeks. These posts will be called Mediumship Memos and I'm excited to begin.

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