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  • Donna Frasca

Can You Do Readings From Regular Playing Cards?

YES! Some of the best readings are when my intuition is the tool.Using regular playing cards just enhance the experience.I started out years ago doing readings with just using regular playing cards. It's actually called Cartomancy and I didn't know it had that name until today. Over the past few months my intuition has grown so strong and I trust it 110%. These cards are just a tool to enhance those insights.

Yesterday in my Angel Huggers facebook group I did a 30 minute card reading for the people who happened to be available in the group. Here are a few of the reads:

ME: (name) is something heavy on your heart? I feel a heaviness there. Your card is about money matters and finances. I was just having this conversation with my son a few hours ago. Life is not about money. "Our riches are not measures in coin but in heart beats" - I feel that quote was from Metatron.

(Person): yes someone is heavy on my heart!!! This person will never change and I care about him!!! This is a tough lesson about detachment and going forward!!! Money matters are great!! I am a wealthy woman! Thanks


ME: I see lots of pink and yellow by you - together, side by side. I feel this is a happy place for you at this time, heart chakra perhaps? I'm told that your thoughts will lift you and can change your mood swings easily if you allow that to be. "Tap into your heart to clear your head" Did something good happen recently for you?I feel JOY, thus the colors. You have a feel good number - hope you are tapping into it!

(Person) Thank you Donna. That was amazing. I’ve been working on my solar plexus today hence the yellow. And yes my children and I are going on are first vacation in 10 yrs. I’m soooooo excited. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend and many many blessings.


This read was the most profound

ME: I felt a female in the spirit world that is with you at this time - I want to say either mom or aunt - a female that has passed. Seven for you is about sacrifice - just hold on and wait. Keep close the saying "good things come to those who wait." Spirit is VERY close to you ***, I'm feeling emotional. Did someone recently pass in your family? Or an Anniversary of a passing? I'm hearing communicate with the spirit people on the other side.They are giving you signs, are you noticing them?

(Person) Hi Donna. My mother in law passed May 15 (today is the 23rd) and celebrated her life on Monday the 20th. Half way through the mass I took my granddaughter outside. Took a video of her playing and appears to be orbs/ fairies around her. A heart cloud above where we were with a long beam like shining down into it. Double rainbow after we settled back at home. If one was to communicate in spirit it would be Mary.


Now what's interesting is that some of the cards I used in this reading event had absolutely nothing to do with the card, it was all intuition. THIS is how to do readings, not by picking up a card and reading the words on the bottom or using the guidebook. Doing that is reading cards, doing it this way is reading people.

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