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  • Donna Frasca

Smell Roses? It's A Connection To Mothers

You are the lucky one if you happen to smell roses in the air and there is not a rose in sight. Why? Because this is a sure tell sign that you are sensing the presence of a Mother figure. It could be your Mother or of course the Blessed Mother.

I’ve heard time and time again that someone would get a whiff of roses in the air and they would be in their home, in the car, office or just somewhere that would not have roses in sight. Why is this?

If you have Clairalience, which translates to “clear smelling” then you have the gift that will allow you to smell things in the air that no one else can detect.

When this happens, take note of where you are, what you are doing, what day and time it is and what you are thinking or feeling. There will be a connection.

For example, let’s say that you are at work and it’s May 13th at 4:45. It’s almost quitting time and you are looking forward to getting home and making dinner for the family.

What are you thinking of? You are thinking of Southern fried chicken, the way that your Mom used to make it. Oh that’s a great memory isn’t it?

Then all of a sudden you smell roses. You look around to find the source of the roses and just cannot pinpoint it. No women are around so it’s not a perfume. No candles, no air refreshers, no windows are open — nothing. The scent is so strong and it’s right under your nose. Where is it coming from?

Maybe the day is the Anniversary of you Mom’s passing. Maybe the time is when your Mom passed. Maybe the connection of making that dinner like your Mom used to triggered her presence.

What if your Mom is still alive and it has nothing to do with your Mom at all? Why the Roses?

It’s because of our Blessed Mother. Think for a moment of what you are doing. You as a Mom are thinking about providing food for your family, a meal that your Mom used to make for you and you will be making it to nourish you family. This is Mother’s Love! When the heart opens with such unconditional and compassionate love for our family, THIS is the emotion of the soft, divine mother energy. Perhaps it’s just a nice confirmation, from one mother to another that you are doing an awesome job and yes, being a Mother is the hardest but most rewarding job there is.

When you notice the smell of roses, make this connection to Her and thank Her for her presence. This is a true gift.

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