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  • Donna Frasca

Messages From Beyond: When Spirit People Make Sounds To Get Your Attention

I have to share a story with you. Last night I went to a friends house to pick something up on her porch. No one was home which is why there was a porch drop off. Anyway, as I was leaving her porch, walked down her sidewalk and onto her driveway to get to my car in the street, I heard a loud noise.

I jumped and looked at one of the two cars that were parked on the driveway, one was a jeep and that's where the sound came from. It sounded like someone was either getting in or coming out of the jeep, you know jeeps have creaky suspensions.

Anyway, I texted my friend to tell her of my experience and she replied with "oh that's my sons jeep." (Her son, has passed away)

What's interesting here is that I am taking an additional Mediumship course from Andrew Byng who is a Spiritual Medium in the UK. I was going to ask my friend if she would like to be a volunteer for me to practice on once I complete the course at the end of June. I feel that her son was letting me know that he was excited for her to do this with me so he can communicate once again with his mom. I'm excited to see this story unfold.

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